November 1, 2023

Maintenance Fee Schedule

9.17 Maintenance of Landscape. Each Owner shall be responsible for the maintenance of all
landscaping on his Lot. Each Owner shall keep his Lot mowed and free of rubbish, trash,
debris, noxious weeds and other unsightly conditions. Vegetable gardens on any Lot are
specifically prohibited. Garden compost may be kept in reasonable quantities required by one
household only, provided it is not visible from the street, Common Areas or Golf Course and is
kept free of noxious odors and insects. No burning of rubbish or trash will be allowed once
initial construction of a Dwelling is completed. Dead, diseased or damaged trees shall be
promptly removed or repaired. In the event of a violation of this restriction, the Association
shall notify the Owner of the condition. If the Owner fails to remedy the condition after ten
(10) days, in addition to any remedy allowed by this Declaration, the Association may cause
such work to be performed and may demand and sue for reimbursement of such costs and
reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in the collection thereof.